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TIPS Training


Kokopelli Beer Company
8931 Harlan St 80031 Westminster United States
Good Afternoon Brewery Friends!

Kokopelli Beer Company will be hosting a TIPS training at the brewpub on Sunday September 25th from 7:45am-11am. Cost is $40 per person. If anyone on your team needs certification, or renewal they can sign up for the class by following this link:

Certified TIPS Master Trainer: Jon Balliet

Jon has over 16 years experience in the service and retail liquor industry & has trained over 17,000 individuals nationwide. Master Trainer status allows Jon to not only teach TIPS, but to also Train the Trainers to teach the program. Jon Balliet is not only a Master Trainer for the TIPS program but an advocate for servers and server rights. His In-Class Training is based out of Denver/Boulder, Colorado but are available nationwide. All electronic classes offered through this site are provided by the TIPS Program and Health Communications International (HCI).

Benefits of using Jon Balliet as a trainer include:
*FREE Consulting with any issues related to your liquor license, including:

Show Cause Preparation & Violation mitigation; several proven case studies of successful mitigation withsignificant penalty reductions

Preparation for individual server Municipal Hearing

Changes such as expansion, additions, new applications, transfers, etc.

*Professional Testimony - for any proceedings to verify or support your training efforts and stress general benefits of the training criteria.

*FREE Call Support

Call for answers to any business concerns related to liquor liability questions, advice, or information on current sting tactics, etc.

*Certification Expiration Alerts - we let you know 3 months before your TIPS Certification will expire and provide a detailed schedule of classes to re-certify.

Some General Benefits of TIPS training include:
* Insurance Discounts - Many insurance companies provide discounts to establishments whose employees are TIPS-certified.

* Legal Protection - In third-party liquor liability lawsuits, TIPS provides a "resonable efforts defense."

* Regulatory Compliance - TIPS training satisfies the requirements in most states that regulate server training.

* Staff Professionalism - TIPS training enhances the skills of your employees who in turn offer improved service to your customers.

* Enhanced Community Standing - TIPS leads the way in framing the debate about responsible alcohol service and clarifying the distinction between drinking and drunkenness.

* Online Support - TIPS provides extensive online support for our customers and partners. Our web-based tools are used throughout the industry by all parties concerned with alcohol server training - trainers, servers and bartenders, licensees, insurance providers, and state regulators.

* Reduce human tragedy resulting from drunkenness and drunk driving.

* Avoid serving to Minors

* Minimize property damage caused by intoxicated

Other questions regarding the training can be emailed to JB@TIPSCOLORADO.COM