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Meditation with Intuitive Channel Damaris Cruz


Ceremony Cafe & Yoga
7269 Lowell Blvd 80030 Westminster United States
Damaris will be calling IN Light consciousness while connecting to the higher spiritual realms, (including Angelic beings and the Ascended Masters & Teachers), along with the Souls of all those present as she delivers a channeled talk, in which the messages delivered pertain specifically to the present audience.

Through the wisdom shared comes divine healing energy that flushes everyone at deep subconscious levels, aligning them further to their higher purpose and helping them attract great things into their life, including abundance & relationships, by simultaneously releasing limiting thoughts/perspectives.

These gatherings promote mind expansion, light-hearted joy, true freedom and emPOWERment.

She will be open to break for questions/answers followed by a gentle guided meditation to close the circle with protective light, relaxation and Love.

She really enjoy these sessions, for she never knows what will come through... the messages are for her as well, She is just the open vessel willing to be in service for these purposes.

Our first session will be on August 15th and we hope to continue this journey with more classes to come!

Exchange is $25 for Early Bird and $30 at the Door