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Essential Oils 101


Ceremony Cafe & Yoga
7269 Lowell Blvd 80030 Westminster United States
Let’s Start at the Beginning

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils through inhalation and skin absorption to receive healing and restore balance within. Come attend this informative class with Christy Hires if you would like to know more about essential oils’ abilities. She will empower you to begin your own journey into connecting your mind and body through oils. This class covers some basics and gets the aromatherapy discussion started.

We'll be answering these questions & more:

How do I know the oils I am buying are pure essential oils?

Which companies can I trust?

Which essential oils should I start with?

What is the truth in all the hype about the healing power of essential oils?

What do I need to make my own blends at home?

How can I use essential oils for more than just amazing air fresheners?

Exchange: $25 Early Bird (Includes all handouts and a hands-on take home project worth $15), $30 at the Door.